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Innovation is a process, and like any process it takes time and effort to execute. Let us help embed an innovation culture and ways of working into your daily life and organisation. By working with us we can help empower you and staff to engage in the innovation activities and create a new internal capability.

Design Thinking

What is good design worth? How much does bad design cost your business. Applying Human Centered Design & Design Thinking, we can help turn service design into a sustainable advantage that your customers will love and know you for.

Training & Development

Using Next Element's powerful Leading out of Drama skills of Compassionate Accountability we can teach you skills to navigate out of conflict. Read more about Leading out of Drama


We will work with you to help you meet your business objectives and overcome problems. We can help with business strategy, culture change, business process and technology implementation.

About us

The purpose of Jewel Space is to help individuals and teams to cultivate, develop and capitalise from cultures of innovation.

We do this by helping individuals and teams think differently about how they tackle and solve problems, use alternative approaches to stimulate thought and ideas and forge unpredictable alliances that result in really great outcomes.

We facilitate collaboration and promote exponential growth by leveraging existing resources and providing the toolkit and knowledge to empower individuals and teams to embed an innovation mindset into their daily lives.

We harness diversity, background, skillset and experience to tap into areas of delightful and unexpected value.

The aim of Jewel Space is help individuals and teams abandon ways of working that stymie creativity and innovation.

To this, we help individuals and teams embrace ambiguity, be comfortable working with unknowns and embed an innovation mindset. When this mindset collides with opportunity we can find true breakthroughs.

Our Approach

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Our Clients

We have collaborated with wonderful people and organisations.
  • "This course will not only improve you are a person but also help you navigate and build skills around conflict management for a lifetime."
    Sales Representative, BMS Australia
  • "Chris provided a session that was both challenging and thought-provoking at the same time. There was a continual link to the theory with the examples/experiences given and it made sense to me"
    Consultant, Red Wolf Rosch
  • "Loved this way of thinking about conflict - something to build understanding and not something to be avoided. Certainly has everyday application in my work and personal life"
    Umpire Coach, Internationl Cricket Council
  • “I had the pleasure of participating & loved it. The theme around empathy coupled with accountability, and how it can greatly assist in managing conflict in the workplace & in team dynamics was fascinating & philosophy changing for me...I would strongly endorse the program to managers, coaches, mentors, leaders and parents…”
    Coach, Melbourne Football Club

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