Drama Calculator

What is the cost of drama?

Drama is negative conflict, and can cause a drain on people, teams, and organisations.
How much is it costing you?

Try our free Drama Calculator to see the cost of drama to your team or organisation.

Question 1*

How many people are involved in the drama?

Question 2*

Enter the salary of each person involved, including your salary if you are impacted. If you don’t know individual salaries that’s OK, an estimated salary will work. We blend the salaries to assess impacts.

Question 3*

How long has the drama been going? Enter the days, weeks or months.

Question 4*

How would you rate the drama right now?

Question 5*

Have there been any interventions, internal or external, such as HR, performance improvement plans, discipline, coaching or training to address the drama?

Question 6*

Has anyone left, changed teams or been removed as a result of the drama or connected to the drama?

Based on the responses submitted here are the estimated financial impacts of drama:

Total Cost Incurred


Ongoing cost per week


Drama left unmanaged can be toxic to culture and the financial consequences devastating.
If you are using this calculator there could be negative behaviors going on in your team.
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