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What we do

We help individuals and teams spend less time in drama.

On average, employees around the world spend about 2.1 hours per week, or over one day per month,
dealing with workplace conflict in some way.

Think of the possibilities of turning unproductive time into value?

How might you spend an extra 2 hours a week?

  • Drama Free

    More time connecting

    being productive
  • Drama Free

    More time communicating effectively

    Problem solving
  • Drama Free

    More time in Discovery & exploration

    Creating Value
  • Drama Free

    More time creating & building

    Delivering Value
  • Drama Free

    More time self-improving

    Developing and learning
  • Drama Free

    Do what you want

    Drama free
Upgrade your team’s conflict intelligence with Leading out of Drama™ (LOD) facilitator-led programs. Build a culture of Compassionate Accountability® in your organisation with customised LOD programs. Conflict can be very destructive.

Drama is what happens when people struggle against themselves and each other, with or without awareness, to feel justified about their unhealthy behavior.

Leading Out of Drama™ (LOD)

LOD™ is a skills based approach to cope positively with conflict. Created by Next Element Consulting, LOD™ helps people lean into conflict and lead out of drama.
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We bring a unique coaching experience spanning professional sports, business and technology. Our coaching programs focus on coaching the coach.

Consulting & Strategy

We will work with you to help you meet your business objectives and overcome problems. We can help see people through change, mergers and acquisition, team augmentation, business transformation, new ways of working and project initiation.

Our Mission

By 2030 positively impact 1,000,000 people by reducing drama in their lives.

Our Story

Teaching my daughter to ride her bike should have been a positive learning experience. I became frustrated when she couldn't grasp the exercise. I was responsible for the drama and anxiety she experienced.

Over a decade later, my daughter asked me to help her learn to drive. I was committed to not repeating the same mistakes.

Applying the skills of Compassionate Accountability™, discovered through the LOD™ program I was able to create a very safe and positive learning environment for my daughter.

LOD™ provided an effective problem solving framework that kept drama at bay.

I am an ex-management consultant, a successful team builder and elite professional sports official for the AFL who has discovered how to navigate conflict with creative thinking.

Teamwork is critical in every endeavor, and common in successful teams is a feeling of safety and we have each other's back.

LOD™ has strengthened my personal and professional relationships and helped me remain drama free.

I have decided to step away from a successful corporate career to share with others the positive conflict skills I have been applying every day.

The work we do centers around team conflict

Research suggests that between 30–50% of a typical manager’s time is spent managing workplace conflict.

On our mission to reduce drama.

Leading out of Drama™

Develop strategies for reducing drama

Courses & Workshops

We have a number of different courses and workshops. We will customise our programs to meet your needs.

All courses will be delivered by a fully Certified Provider of LOD™.


Conflict & You : Basics of Compassionate Accountability®

Through this introductory course you'll gain a better understanding of how drama works. Unpack how you handle conflict, discover strategies for reducing drama, and feel more confident about how you handle conflict.

Half Day

LOD™ | Core Concepts

Core Concepts will prepare you to apply the Compassion Cycle to transform the energy of conflict into positive outcomes. This course expands on Conflict and You and provides advanced strategies to manage conflict. You will be better equipped to recognise drama, understand cultures of gossip and sabotage, and learn how to healthily handle conflict.

One Day or 2 Half Days
App Pack

Leaders Application Pack

Through our four guided handbooks covering Performance Reviews, Building Connections, Managing Meetings and Making Apologies you can learn how to apply the principles of Compassionate Accountability® when you encounter situations with a high potential for drama.

2 hours per pack

Coaching and Personal Development

Learn new skills to navigate conflict and creatively solve problems. Merging empathy, resourcefulness and accountability, with Leading out of Drama and Design Thinking we can harness conflict to create new.

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Online/In Person

All workshops can be delivered in person or online COVID safe

What is the cost of drama?

Try our free drama calculator to understand the cost of drama.

A skills based approach to cope positively with conflict.

Do you experience?

  • Productivity losses
  • Impaired decision making
  • Unproductive meetings
  • Gossip
  • Difficult performance conversations
  • Resistance to change
  • Lack of accountability
  • Absenteeism and low engagement

There is evidence that a great deal of performance problems in the workplace stem from conflict rather than poor employee skills or low motivation.

Teams we have worked with

We have collaborated with wonderful people and organisations.
  • "This course will not only improve who you are as a person but also help you navigate and build skills around conflict management for a lifetime."
    Sales Representative, BMS Australia
  • "Chris provided a session that was both challenging and thought-provoking at the same time. There was a continual link to the theory with the examples/experiences given and it made sense to me"
    Consultant, Red Wolf Rosch
  • "Loved this way of thinking about conflict - something to build understanding and not something to be avoided. Certainly has everyday application in my work and personal life"
    Umpire Coach, Internationl Cricket Council
  • “I had the pleasure of participating & loved it. The theme around empathy coupled with accountability, and how it can greatly assist in managing conflict in the workplace & in team dynamics was fascinating & philosophy changing for me...I would strongly endorse the program to managers, coaches, mentors, leaders and parents…”
    Coach, Melbourne Football Club

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